Guillaume's Music

Meet the Director

Haitian born Donald Guillaume has been playing drums for most of his life, The son of a preacher, Don was raised in a very musical household with eight siblings who all played musical instruments.

Don later went on to be the original drummer for the Grammy Award winning  group­­­­–The Fugees,  which lead him to play with many other artists such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, BB King, Earth Wind & Fire, and many other award winning artist.

After moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey, Don decided to use his gift of teaching and opened up  music academy focusing on the performance aspect of learning a musical instrument with his fun and inspiring ensemble workshops.

Welcome to GMA

We don't just play music, we experience it!

Music Production

At GMA we offer music production courses; teaching our students how to create their own music utilizing today's latest music technologies.

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